Why CSE?


"INSPIRING THE NEXT GENERATION: Transforming Individuals, Community and the World".
Guided by Fellows from the world's leading universities, CSE 2010 motivates students to learn, challenge each other and add depth to their existing knowledge and skills through close relationships with some of the brightest young scholars today.

What will students learn?

  • Literary Arts and Communication
  • Social and Political Sciences
  • Dramatic and Visual Arts
  • Debate and Public Speaking
  • Science and Technology
  • Community Building

During the program, students will take part in

  • Icebreakers and introduction activities
  • Rotation classes developed by Fellows in a variety of enrichment areas
  • Standard curriculum designed by graduates of Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Topics on life at Harvard/Yale/Cambridge/Oxford
  • Fieldtrips and community engagement
  • Lectures and seminars by scholars from world-renowned universities
  • Residential experience at HKU students' residence
  • Student Finale - showcasing all that was learned!

7 Reasons why students should join?

  1. Learn to appreciate different cultures and backgrounds, including a renewed understanding of the students' own culture and background;
  2. Develop self-confidence as they are challenged to realize their innate potential;
  3. Practice creative thinking and learning techniques;
  4. Address problems from multiple perspectives critically and independently through proactive discussion with some of the brightest young scholars from leading world universities;
  5. Be inspired to bring a positive attitude to life through interactions with role models;
  6. Nurture a life-long passion for learning through a summer of unforgettable experiences; and
  7. Meet friends from all over the world through close interactions with people from different schools and countries as students will be taught in small groups of around 10.