Language Arts

Over the course of two weeks, language arts activities centered on developing reading comprehension, writing skills and oral discussion skills will be integrated into the program by the team of Fellows. The three core components of this emphasis are as follows:

1. Daily Journal

Students will be encouraged to keep a daily journal throughout the program to increase the use of creative English and to have a full written record of their experiences and thoughts during the program. Fellows will provide feedback on studentsˇ¦ writing and communication throughout the program.

2. Reading Comprehension and Writing

Students will have many opportunities to increase their understanding of the English language, among them learning to read for content, style, perspective, characterization, objectivity/subjectivity, use of literary devices, authorial intention, and background. Through the interests and expertise of the Fellows, students will gain exposure to different styles, such as

  • Short Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Investigative Reporting
  • Editorial/Opinion
  • Encyclopedia Entry
  • Drama
  • Aphorisms
  • Letters etc.

  • 3. Public Speaking

    CSE supports the desire among students in Hong Kong and Hangzhou to better their English speaking skills and bolster their confidence. In the rotation courses and cabaret projects, students will have formal and informal opportunities to challenge themselves in this regard.