Cabaret Performance

At the close of the Hong Kong and Hangzhou programs, students and Fellows will contribute to the CSE Cabaret. The Cabaret is intended to be a time set aside to showcase final products that illustrate the growth and learning that has occurred during the program. These final products may look like many things!

An element of community outreach is required in the Cabaret Project. Classes might visit an arts center, a history museum, a scissor factory, a government office or a television studio. Groups may also bring a representative from a pertinent institution to the class as a guest. Whomever students visit with, it will inform their project in meaningful ways.

Alternatively, the outreach could come from direct engagement of the public through community service. A final Cabaret Project could be a slideshow of your community service project at an orphanage, the zoo, the housing shelter, etc.

To draw out a focus from our broad theme, each group will select from among the following three topics for their Cabaret Project:

  1. Horizons, Boundaries and Social Contracts
  2. Networks, Connections and Webs
  3. Insider/Outsider Perspectives and Cultures