Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong ]j学^

The University of Hong Kong is the first and foremost tertiary institution in Hong Kong. Since its foundation in 1911, it has produced some 100,000 graduates, many of whom have gone on to become leaders in education, industry, commerce, the public sector, and various professions of the society.

In 2008-2009 academic year, the University had over 23,000 students (12,000 undergraduates and 11,000 graduates) and 1,200 academic staff, mostly studying or working full-time. The 10 Faculties V Architecture, Arts, Business and Economics, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, and Social Sciences V offers 29 different undergraduate degree curricula and over 100 postgraduate programmes.

Problem-based or student-centered learning, small group tutorials, interactive seminars and workshops, and internet and web-site teaching are used in different curricula to stimulate students' interest in learning and to enable them to 'learn how to learn'.

The University supports multiple learning opportunities to enrich students' learning experiences. The University also offers various education programmes outside the classroom and a range of General Education courses.

Through the wide range of student mobility programmes with overseas and Mainland universities, such as student exchange schemes and collaborative research projects, students have invaluable opprtunities to explore new cultures and perspectives, open their minds, gain intercultural competence, confidence and maturity that equip them for leadership roles in the 21st century.

HKU has been CCCEF's co-organizer for CSE in Hong Kong for the past 6 years. HKU brings a wealth of international academic expertise and cultural experience to the CSE program. There are over 6,000 non-local students on campus, making HKU a truly international university.