Inspiring the Next Generation

In its broadest sense, the Crimson Summer Exchange (CSE) curriculum has been created to harness the great potential of cultural exchange. At CSE, we believe that the differences in cultures and beliefs in this world paint a beautiful masterpiece of diversity. Like a work of art, appreciation of each other's culture will lead to mutual understanding, respect and admiration. We do not believe in cliches nor promote cultural imperialism. Instead, the CSE curriculum, against the backdrop of cultural respect, is structured around the core values of innovation, creativity and leadership to bring out the best in both our Chinese students and Western Fellows.

CSE is different from other summer schools. The program does not explicitly prepare students for particular tests or to qualify for certain examinations nor is it a pure leadership and management course for Fellows already studying in the leading universities of the world. Our innovative curriculum, using English as the primary medium of communication aims to harvest the enthusiasm of youths, to challenge their world views, to guide them outside their zones of comfort and to encourage them to excel in their respective areas of talent.

Our objective, in the context of cultural exchange, is to enable both student and teacher within the space of 2-3 weeks to:

Course Highlights
  • All instructors are current students or recent graduates from Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford and other leading institutions.
  • Students will be given individual feedback.
  • Curriculum specially designed for Chinese high-school and first-year college students to be challenging, rigorous and fun.
  • Student-Teacher ratio of approximately 10 to 1.
Course Features

The CSE program at the University of Hong Kong, Zhejiang University and in high schools in Beijing and Chengdu, develops students' abilities to understand and share multiple perspectives, to think critically and globally, and to appreciate the aesthetic dimensions of the world we live in. We will cultivate these qualities through projects and performances centered on the theme, "Inspiring the Next Generation: Transforming Individuals, Communities and the World."

Students will be taught in small classes of around 10 students per teacher. In the CSE program, they will:

  • Learn to present their ideas clearly and effectively;
  • Learn to appreciate different cultures and backgrounds, including a renewed understanding of the students' own culture and background;
  • Develop self-confidence as they are challenged to realize their innate potential;
  • Practice lateral thinking techniques through challenging others and being challenged by others;
  • Find out what life is like at Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, and other leading world universities;
  • Be inspired to bring a positive attitude to life and learning through interactions with role models; and
  • Nurture a life-long passion for learning through two weeks of unforgettable experiences.
Join Us!

We are looking for high school students who:

  • Have good English listening and speaking skills;
  • Are eager to create a bridge between China and the global community;
  • Are willing to participate actively in group discussion;
  • Are able to think critically and express their views.